Doll “Make Unders”…. Yes, That’s Beyond Better

The transformation of these little dolls is quite lovely. Way to go, Sonia Singh! This is what dolls SHOULD LOOK LIKE. She repainted the dolls faces, which as you can see were ridiculously unrealistic, and her mother knitted them all new, adorable outfits. I also love that her husband is so supportive of the project… for all the right reasons.

Link to video: Here’s the story of Sonia’s “extreme makeunders”!! 🙂

You can also visit her Facebook page: Tree Change Dolls. All of the before and after photos are AMAZING! 


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  1. Asmaa says:

    Actually, this is a good step to reinforce the importance of what is within oneself rather than style and look. It is sad how women now are more concerned with improving their appearance instead of focusing on the things that are far more important. Hope every things be as simple as these adorable, natural-looking dolls.


    1. I think so too. There is a huge focus on how you look. Men and women are all scrambling to look oh so sexy. I think it’s always been that way, but it seems out of control now – to the point that even dolls are hypersexualized. We’ve got to draw the line somewhere! That’s why I love these doll makeovers. They seem so simple, yet they’re so powerful in their message.


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