Some Video Games Are Going Beyond… And I Like It!

Alex Morgan in FIFA 16. (Photo Courtesy EA Sports)

(Photo Courtesy EA Sports)(Photo Courtesy EA Sports)

Wow, wow, wow! Check out the full story and how they made the video game. Very cool stuff.

TheEqualizer: Women added to EA Sports’ FIFA video game

I was really excited to see the news that the very popular video game, FIFA, is releasing their 2016 version with female players!

It’s about time, right? I know plenty of female soccer players, my 10-year-old niece being one of them!!, and I think it is great that girls will have players that they can relate to in these video games. I also know men who follow women’s soccer leagues, granted some of them do so because of their daughters or sisters, but, nonetheless, they are interested and involved. So why shouldn’t they be included and represented in the video games?

It is a great step in the right direction, and I for one hope that it sets off a trend in women’s athletics.

By the way, the Women’s World Cup is going on RIGHT NOW in Canada, and Equalizer Soccer & Sports Illustrated are great sources for everything about women’s soccer. Here’s a link to the schedule and players to get you started…

Best Players in Women’s World Cup

And finally, what do you think? Take the poll.


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