Beyond Bold: Baby Girl Reports from the Occupied West Bank


Meet 10-yr-old Palestinian Journalist

 How could this story not catch my attention?! 

I do worry about the effects of oppression and war on children in places like Palestine, and I worry about the traumatic experiences that such young children have to endure and the injustice of it all. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been raging for so long, and the magnitude of abuse and terror is difficult to comprehend.

I hope that there is a new era being ushered in by children like Janna – boys and girls – who will work together to end the occupation and the violence in new ways using the new tools that technology has afforded the new generation.

I do admire this beautiful girl for her courage. She is fierce and passionate and has embraced her circumstances with incredible clarity and purpose. May she inspire people all over the world to open their ears and eyes and hearts and stand up against injustice everywhere. Sometimes you just have to be fierce. 

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