Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ moral relativism

Had to share with you all since you are working on your Cartoon Posts!

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Jesus and Mo, titled “basis”, came with the emailed note, “Moses is back again, with his newfangled book-learnin’.”

The strip implies that “normative” moral relativism, which is prescriptive behavior rather than merely a description of variance across societies, is a good thing. That puzzles me a bit, for, after all, most of us aren’t moral relativists about the perfidies of Islamic doctrine: oppressing women doesn’t become “right” because it’s done by Muslims. It’s just that the morality of Jesus and Mo seems wrong, In fact, when Moses implies that “judging people” is wrong, he’s off the mark. It’s just that Jesus and Mo are on the wrong mark.

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